A report a health food restaurant

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Food establishment Food Safety Regulations

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Report a Problem with Food in Florida

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Health Groups Call on Surgeon General for Report on Sugary Drinks

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Restaurant & food safety

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Report a Problem with Food How to report problems with different types of food, including pet food and restaurant food. Be Food Safe This Holiday Season.

Restaurant Inspections

Food safety is important for keeping your holiday gathering happy and healthy. However, food safety can be a challenge during the holiday season. At Emzy Sushi Bar on South Tryon, the "spicy white tuna" in the "sexy salmon roll" wasn't tuna.

The inspection and regulation of restaurants and other food service facilities in Alabama is the responsibility of the Alabama Department of Public Health environmental staff at the county health departments and the Division of Food, Milk, and Lodging.

Foodborne Illness Report

Search for inspections reports. Administrative Office (No services offered at this location) Soledad, Suite San Antonio, TX See a complete listing of our Clinics & Locations. Phone. Local county health departments inspect restaurants and other retail food service establishments to make sure that employees follow safe food handling practices and have adequate kitchen facilities.

A report a health food restaurant
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Health Groups Call on Surgeon General for Report on Sugary Drinks | Food Safety News