Ecfmg letter of recommendation cover sheet

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ERAS Support Services for Letter Writers

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We wish him well. That content will be decided to Akismet also owned by Automattic so that a degree check can be asked. ERAS Letter of Recommendation (LoR) Process ERAS Season. Purpose of this Presentation This presentation is designed to give an overview of the ERAS LoR process and the unique roles of applicants, LoR California Letter/PTAL.

Please contact the ECFMG for more information. This cover sheet explains the special procedures needed to prepare a letter of recommendation for ERAS (the Electronic Residency Application Service) and/or CaRMS (the Canadian Resident Matching Service).

Thank you for agreeing to write a letter of recommendation in support of my residency application. This cover sheet explains the special procedures needed to prepare a letter for ERAS−the Electronic Residency Application Service. However, if you do waive your right to see your LoRs, the letter must be accompanied by the AAMC’s Request for Letter of Recommendation/Cover Sheet.

Also provide the ERAS Document Submission Form to your letter writer so that he/she can send the LoR directly to us in a sealed envelope from the institution.

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ERAS Request for Letter of Recommendation (LoR) Cover Sheet.

How to ask and upload a Letter of Recommendation in ERAS

Please attach this cover sheet to the front of your letter of recommendation with a paper clip. Date. LoR Author. Applicant Name. AAMC ID AOA ID.

Ecfmg letter of recommendation cover sheet
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22 C.F.R. Part 62 - Exchange Visitors