Internship report on foreign remittance activities

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Foreign relations of India

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This is to certify that the Internship Report on “A Study on Remittance Activities of Rupali Bank Ltd, Mirpur Br, Dhaka” in the bonafide record at the report is done by Kazi Md.

Monirul Islam; ID:as a partial fulfillment of the requirement Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree. An article about anti-money laundering regulations in Singapore.

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I. Introduction. The phrase ‘money laundering’ is descriptive. In its simplest non-legal terms, money laundering is “the processing of criminal proceeds (profits or other benefits) in order to disguise their illegal origin” (FATF). The report on "Foreign Remittance Activities and Financial Performance of National Bank Ltd." has been written as a partial requirement for obtaining the Degree of Bachelor of Business Administration.

CHAPTER OPERATION OF FOREIGN REMITTANCE IN NBL KAWRAN BAZAR BRANCH FOREIGN EXCHANGE: Foreign Exchange Department is the international department of a bank. It deals globally. It facilities international trade through the various modes of services it possess.

Syllabus: The Medical Council of India (MCI) announced the syllabus for the NEET-UG in The syllabus had been initially published as a draft to invite feedback from other stakeholders.

Internship report on foreign remittance activities
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