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Ron Russell Hayden, 61

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LA Times hires TV and media business reporter

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News and opinion from The Times & The Sunday Times. Green Valley High School graduate Jamie Little and her husband, Cody Selman, who also is a racing person, are expecting their second child in October.

It’s going to be a girl this time. Ron Russell Hayden, 61 Posted Sept. 12,a.m. Ron Hayden, a year-old black man, died Thursday, Sept. 8, 12 days after he was shot in the block of South Harvard Boulevard in Manchester Square, according to Los Angeles County coroner's records.

Political commentary from the LA Times «Previous Post But we do know that today is when this newspaper blows the top off of the Ron Paul Conspiracy, A Times reporter -- we'll call him James Rainey to protect his identity -- has managed to penetrate the Paul presidium. Get the latest local, regional, & national business news on the topics you care about from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

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La times business reporter ron
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