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Corporate Profile

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Manufacturing locations

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Pulcra Chemicals GmbH

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Business Background Report: Basic background information on a. Oiltanking has been active in tank storage logistics sinceand is one of the largest independent operators of tank terminals for oils, chemicals and gases worldwide. The company owns and operates 74 terminals in 24 countries with a total storage capacity of 20 million cbm, on five continents – in Europe, North America, Latin America.

Provides information about [Our Business: Energy & Chemicals Company]. ITOCHU, one of the leading sogo shosha, is engaging in domestic trading, import/export, and overseas trading of various products such as textile, machinery, metals, minerals, energy, chemicals, foods, general products, realty, information and communications technology, and finance, as well as business investment in Japan.

Textile chemicals are class of specialty chemicals and comprise chemicals and intermediates that are used in various stages of textile processing such as preparation, dyeing, printing and finishing turkiyeninradyotelevizyonu.com adds “Textile Chemicals Market Global Analysis, Growth, Trends and.

Nov 15,  · Pulcra Chemicals GmbH develops, manufactures, and supplies specialty chemicals for the fiber, textile, and leather industries.

It offers process auxiliaries for sizing, pretreatment, dyeing Location: Isardamm Geretsried, Germany. Jan 02,  · The report also covers the complete competitive landscape of the worldwide market with company profiles of key players such as Ab Enzymes, Americos Industries, CHT Group, Denim Finishing Agents Care Sdn Bhd., Denim Finishing Agentsist Chemical, Pulcra Chemicals, and Rudolf GmbH.

Geographically, this market has been segmented into regions such.

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