Radiology report

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Sample Reports

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Understanding Your Mammogram Report

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Latest Reports

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The radiology report Each radiological study is a diagnostic test. The clinician has already examined the animal and has a list of differential diagnoses in mind. The goal of the imaging procedure is to rule in disease, rule out disease, or discover new information.

The report on any diagnostic. The Lumbar series reveals in the AP view a mild/moderate right/left rotatory curvature of the lumbar spine, with left/right spinous process rotation from T- to L.

There is a --mm. leg length iniquity on the left/right. There is anterior/posterior rotation of the bilateral/left/right ilia on sacrum. These reports are samples of basic clinical evaluations of patients seen by a radiologist.

The four parts of a radiology report

The sample reports have been checked for accuracy in spelling, but please keep in mind nobody's perfect, and we do appreciate any notification of errors. The radiology report is primarily a written communication between the radiologist interpreting the imaging study and the physician who requested the examination.

Typically, this radiology report is sent to the physician who originally requested the imaging study and who then conveys the results to.

Radiology Case Reports

Arizona radiology report provided by Scottsdale Medical Imaging. SMIL's Arizona radiology report speaks to the latest radiology research findings. The Lumbar series reveals in the AP view a mild/moderate right/left rotatory curvature of the lumbar spine, with left/right spinous process rotation from T- to L.

There is a --mm. leg length iniquity on the left/right. There is anterior/posterior rotation of the bilateral/left/right ilia on sacrum.

Radiology report
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